Investing and Trading US stocks, ETFs and Options with LimeTrader:

  • Our first bentfit

    Minimum deposit: 30$

  • Our second bentfit

    Brokerage trade commission (US stocks, ETFs): $0.006 per share*

  • Our third bentfit

    Leverage: 1:6

  • Our fourth bentfit

    Low margin rates: 9%

  • Our fifth bentfit

    Customer support: 24 x 7

  • Our sixth bentfit

    Free multi-device terminal

  • Our seventh bentfit

    Free educational articles

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$0 Commission Trading*
On U.S.-listed stocks and ETFs, with direct low-cost access
Minimum deposit 30$
Start invest and trading with just $30
Margin Trading available
Increase your potential profit with a 1:6 leverage
24 x 7 customer support
Our customer service reps are ready 24/7 to help guide you through our multiple platforms and answer all your questions
Free educational articles
We will teach you how to analyze shares, make successful transactions and manage your investment portfolio
Free multi-device terminal
Trade with help of any convenient device: laptop, desktop computer, smartphone, tablet


Brokerage trade commissionStocks, ETFs: $0.006 per share (minimum per order $1.50)
Options: $2.5 per contract each executionn
Margin Rates9%
Trading Activity Fee$0.000119 per share each
execution (Max $5.95 per order)
SEC (Security and Exchange Commission)$0.000008 per each dollar of sale proceeds
ORF (Option Regulatory Fee)$0.033 per contract each execution
OCC (Option Clearing Corporation)$0.055 per contract each execution (Max $5.50 and $0.01 per order)
Surcharge$0.003 per share Max fee amount per order $3.00
Market maker's fee for order routing$0.003 per share each execution


  • Free multi-device terminal
  • Simple and convenient search for stocks and ETFs
  • Over 130 indicators and graphical analysis tools
  • Clear tool glass and paper alerts
  • News
  • Analytics
Platform for web

For Desktop

LimeTrader for Web is great and easy to use online stock trading software.

LimeTrader for Web comes in handy to suit all your needs from procured fundamental analysis to the intricate technical analysis of your securities whether it be Stocks, ETFs and options.

For Mobile

LimeTrader for Mobile allows convenient access to your trading account.

LimeTrader for Mobile delivers round the clock accsess to your trading account with Mobile gadgets in mind it ensures that you would never miss a beat and be in the cutting edge of the all important news, trading signals and alerts

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Platform for mobile


For Desktop

For Mobile

Risk warning: Trading on financial markets carries risks. The value of the investments can both increase and decrease and the investors may lose all their investment capital. In case of a leveraged product, the loss may be more than the initial capital invested. Detailed information on risks associated with trading on financial markets can be found in General Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Investment Services.